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We design regulated medical waste technology and services on the belief that healthcare providers deserve solutions that empower them to thrive.


OnSite Waste Technologies is a Newport Beach California-based company dedicated to reducing the cost, risk, and environmental impact of medical waste processing and disposal.

Our TE-5000 is an innovative desktop-sized processing unit that converts regulated medical waste like syringes into sterile garbage that can be placed in a practice’s regular trash. The TE-5000 reduces the liability associated with the traditional method of hauling waste to a central location by reducing or eliminating the time waste sits in a practice.
For small waste producers, The TE-5000 is a greener, cheaper and safer option for handling medical waste disposal than typical haul-away services.

Our Commitment to the Environment

OnSite Waste Technologies is committed to reducing the impact medical waste has on our environment. While our current technology, the TE-5000, reduces the CO2 impact of removing medical waste by 3 to 100 times. We strive to be even better. We are dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of medical waste even more.

To meet this objective, we are committing to two bigger goals

  1. Making the TE-5000 fully recyclable by 2021

  2. Being able to recycle the TE-5000’s output by 2022

Our Commitment To Help the Opioid Crisis

OnSite Waste Technologies is committed to supporting the people and organizations on the front lines of the opioid crisis. Our biggest contribution will be helping governmental agencies, non-profits, and first responders quickly dispose of the massive quantities of used sharps that pose a significant risk to workers, community members, and others.

To meet this objective, OnSite Waste will:

  1. Donate refurbished TE-5000’s as they come off lease to qualified organizations

  2. Offer deep discounts on TE-5000’s to these organizations when we have no refurbished units available


Brad Barnes

Chief Executive Officer

Brad is a seasoned, competitive leader with proven C-level experience in both start-up and larger business and has expertise in both flourishing and turnaround environments.

Roger Van Duinen

Chief Operations Officer

Roger joins OnSite after nearly four years as a Co-Founder of Varo Money, a fintech startup. He is also an active Cove Fund investor, board member and advisor to several successful startups.

Chris Ramirez

Chief Revenue Officer

Chris joins OnSite as an established sales leader with a passion for driving profitable growth. Chris has held senior sales roles at Stericycle, Shred-it, Cintas, and Enterprise Rent-a-Car.


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