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General Questions

What if I am currently in a contract with a medical waste hauler?

Our founding mission is to provide innovative and transparent solutions to healthcare providers. In doing so, we've done away with manipulative contracts and inflexible service agreements. We know that you are likely in a medical waste hauling contract today. Every contract is different; some have terms that allow you to cancel and others don’t. While we can’t provide you with legal guidance, we can share the amazing experiences of our other clients who were once trapped in a difficult contract. Get in touch with us today and we can explore your options together.

TE-5000 Questions

What are the dimensions and weight of the TE-5000?

The dimensions are 28”(D) x 12” (W) x 14” (H) and weighs 50 lbs. This is about the size of a business laser printer and should fit on any normal countertop.

What power source is required?

The TE-5000 comes equipped to plug into a normal 110v outlet. The unit uses about 600W of power while heating, less than a microwave oven.

Does it need to be stored behind a locked and/or labeled door?

No. Although we suggest keeping it in your current medical waste storage room, the TE-5000 can be stored anywhere in your practice.

Who is authorized to operate the TE-5000 system?

The TE-5000 is designed with simplicity in mind, so anyone is authorized to operate the unit.

What servicing requirements exist and who is responsible?

OnSite is responsible for all repairs, maintenance, and updates to the system. The smart technology was designed to communicate service levels to OnSite’s Quality Team in real-time. If for any reason the device is not operating optimally, we are alerted and can proactively address the problem. If it isn’t something we can fix remotely, we’ll ship you a new TE-5000 right away.

How does installation of the TE-5000 work?

The TE-5000 has been engineered for simplicity. Just plug it in, flip on the switch in the back, and it’s ready to begin sterilizing waste! Our team will also conduct training prior to installation and ensure your team is ready to begin processing the waste immediately.

What happens to the waste during the sterilization process?

To meet the regulatory requirements for sterilizing medical waste, the TE-5000 raises the temperature of your RMW to 350-400 degrees for about 3 hours. This ensures that all bacteria, viruses, and spores are completely destroyed.

Can tin containers be reused after sterilization in the TE-5000?

No, all of our tin containers are single use just as your current containers are today. Once the sealing lids are locked onto the containers, the waste is secured and never exposed or accessed again. Following sterilization, tin containers should be disposed of in the regular trash.

Can I continue to use my old containers in the TE-5000?

Only OnSite’s tin collection containers can be used in the TE-5000. They are uniquely designed for the TE-5000 and it’s thermal heat sterilization process. No other containers on the market can withstand the thermal heat process without melting down and ruining the TE-5000.

Is the sterilized container recyclable?

As of now, OnSite’s tin collection containers are not recyclable and should be thrown away in the regular trash.

How will my medical waste collection process change?

Our system is designed to fit seamlessly into your current collection workflow. With that said, there will be some minor adjustments. For Sharps waste, our containers will replace your current disposable containers (that you have mounted on the walls, in the shower rooms and on the med-carts). Once full, a sealing lid is locked onto the container and the container is placed into the TE-5000 for processing, and finally disposed of in the regular trash can once the process is complete.
For Red Bag waste, you have a few options. To process your red bag waste in the TE-5000, you can collect directly into our tin containers, or collect in small red bags and seal the bags inside of the container once you are ready to process your waste. Once collection is complete, you will lock a sealing lid on top of the container and process the waste. If your facility generates larger volumes of bio-hazardous waste, OnSite can provide hauling services with low-cost transactional pricing, optimizing your spend and your environmental footprint.

Do you have a trial period in which I can see if the machine fits with my practice?

As a medical waste generator, you know that we operate in a highly regulated industry, and we take your compliance very seriously. To ensure you stay as compliant as possible, we can only send a fully functioning unit to your office, with your regulatory portal set up and the auto-replenishment program configured. While utilizing our services, every cycle you run in the TE-5000 will be tracked and available in your portal. This makes a demo period very difficult to manage (for you and for us). However, we understand that you need to make sure the TE-5000 makes sense for you and your team. To accommodate this, we’ve developed a 90-day Return Policy that you can take advantage of while determining how the TE-5000 fits into your workflow.