Frequently Asked


Questions we often get from procurement teams

Do we need to purchase a new container after each thermal eliminator process?

Yes, and you will no longer need to purchase the disposable containers that you are using today. Once the sealing lids are popped onto the containers, the waste is secured and never exposed or accessed; therefore, they are single use, as your current collection containers are today.

Can I continue to use my old containers in your machine?

The TE-5000 raises the temperature of your RMW to 350-400 degrees as it processes. Our containers have been designed and manufactured to easily handle these temperatures, while the contents of the containers are sterilized and melted down into a block of plastic.

We don’t know of any other container in the market today that could withstand those temperatures without melting down and ruining the TE-5000. So as of now, our containers are the only ones that can be used in our machines.

What if I’m currently in a contract with a hauling company?

Part of the reason we started OnSite Waste Technologies is to break down the opaque pricing and ugly contractual terms of the current haul-away services.

We know that you’re likely in one of these contracts today. Each of these contracts is different. Some have terms that let you cancel and some don’t. While we can’t provide legal guidance, we can share the experiences of some of our other customers. This may be helpful as you evaluate your options.

Questions we often get from clinical teams

How will my Red-Bag and Sharps collection process change?


Our containers replace your current disposable containers (that you have mounted on the walls, in the shower rooms, and on the med-carts). Once full, a sealing lid is popped onto the container, and the container is placed into the TE-5000 (then to the trash can, after processing.)


You have a few of options:

1) The containers can be placed at the points of generation. Once ready for disposal, a sealing lid is placed onto the container prior to processing, just as was done for the Sharps containers.

2) You can use small-quantity red-bags at the points of generation and, once ready for collection (OSHA recommends on a daily basis, but it's up to you), place the bags into the containers for processing.

3.) If your facility generates larger volumes of bio-hazardous waste, OnSite can provide hauling services with low-cost transactional pricing, optimizing your spend and your environmental footprint.

What should / can I do about pharmaceutical and other types of waste?

While the TE-5000 is only approved for sharps and red bag disposal, we are committed to serving all of our customers' waste needs. We have partnerships with companies all over the US that can replace your current haul-away service. And like all OnSite products, we are committed to transparent pricing and only charging for services you need and use!

Do you have a trial period in which I can see if the machine fits with my practice?

As you are fully aware, we operate in a highly regulated industry, and we take your compliance very seriously. To ensure you stay as compliant as possible, we can only send you a fully functioning unit to your office with your regulatory portal set up and the auto-replenish program configured.

In this way, every cycle you run in the TE-5000 will be tracked and available in your portal. This makes a demo period very difficult to manage (for you and for us). However, we understand that you need to make sure the TE-5000 makes sense for you and your team.

To accommodate this, we’ve developed a very customer-centric 90-day Return Policy that you can take advantage of if determining that the TE-5000 isn’t a great fit for you once you get it installed.

What if our current containers are larger than the OnSite container?

Most Red-Bag containers in the market are larger than the OnSite container. What other facilities often notice, after making the switch, is that the OnSite container drives more compliant waste segregation. Basically, the larger the container, the more trash that is thrown in (over-classification), so facilities are far over-paying for solid waste.

Who is authorized to operate the unit?

Anyone who has taken an approved OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen training course can use the unit. There is no additional training required.

Questions we often get from maintenance teams

Based on your current clients, who at the location usually handles the OnSite process on a daily basis?

This varies, but to reduce friction, most facilities try to stick as similar to their current process as possible. Meaning, whoever collects the containers from the points of generation today, that is the person that will collect the OnSite containers.

This part will not be different. The difference is, instead of placing waste into a box or in a storage container, they would simply place it in the TE-5000, press Start, and go about their day. As far as who disposes of the waste once processed, most facilities follow the Keurig model: throw the processed container away when you are ready to start a new cycle.

Is there a maximum daily quantity that the TE-5000 can handle?

Each cycle takes between 3 and 3 1⁄2 hours from sterilization to cool down.

Although there is no maximum daily quantity the TE-5000 can handle, cycles ran can vary from location to location depending on hours of operation.

Is the sterilized container recyclable?

Our goal over the next couple years as a company is to design our technology to be 100% recyclable. This includes making sure that the sterilized medical waste and containers are also recyclable. Today they are not, so you need to put the processed container into the trash. But, remember that your current medical waste and containers are either incinerated or ground up and put in landfills.


However, because the OnSite solution eliminates the need for waste to be trucked separately to a processing center and landfill, you are saving a substantial amount of CO2 since much less fuel is used. Depending on where you live, the TE-5000 produces 3-30 times less CO2 than the current haul-away services. Check out our Carbon Footprint calculator to find out how much we can reduce your impact on the environment!

What happens to the waste during the processing phase?

To meet the regulatory requirements for processing medical waste, the TE-5000 raises the temperature of your RMW to 350-400 degrees for about 2 hours.

This accomplishes two important things. First, it ensures that all bacteria, viruses, and spores are completely destroyed. Second, it melts all the plastic pieces down into a block to eliminate any chance of reuse.

What servicing requirements exist and who is responsible?

Because OnSite retains ownership of the machine, we are responsible for any repairs, maintenance, or updates to the machine. The smart technology was designed to communicate service levels to OnSite’s Quality team in real-time.

If for any reason the device is not operating optimally, we are alerted and can proactively address the problem. If it isn’t something we can easily sort out, we’ll ship you a new TE-5000 right away.

Does it need to be stored behind a locked and/or labeled door?

No. You can keep it anywhere you’d like! This means that you can free up your current regulated medical waste storage areas for other purposes.

What power source is required?

The TE-5000 comes equipped to plug into a normal 110v outlet. The unit uses about 600W of power while heating, less than a microwave oven.

What are the dimensions of the TE-5000?

The dimensions are 28”(D) x 12” (W) x 14” (H). This is about the size of a business laser printer and should fit on any normal countertop.

The TE-5000 weighs about 50lb, so be careful while lifting or moving the unit.