Turn your Medical Waste into Trash

Now you can turn your medical waste into the trash with the click of a button in no time right in front of your eyes. OnSite Waste Technologies has pioneered an innovative technology that has the power to convert your regulated medical wastes, also known as RMW, into sterile garbage, which is safe to discard like regular trash. 


Our invention, the TE-5000, is a desktop-sized processing unit that works on the model of Thermal Elimination. Industry experts have recognized the TE-5000 as the complete solution for medical waste and sharps disposal among those that are available in the market today. 

This portable machine can be used for treating regulated medical wastes, sharps, isolation wastes, infectious agents, human blood and blood products, pathological wastes, sharps, surgical wastes, and potentially contaminated laboratory wastes that can pose biohazards for those who are exposed to them.

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The Technology Behind TE-5000 OnSite Waste Technology

TE-5000 acts as a sterilizer that helps to reduce the biological load by a significant amount. This equipment processes your RMW by raising the temperature to 350-400 degrees for nearly 2 hours. Our specially formulated containers are manufactured in such a way that they can withstand high temperatures while the contents within are being sterilized and melted down into a plastic block.


Our containers are designed to replace your current disposable containers, and once they are full, a sealing lid is popped onto the container. Now, all you have to do is place it into the TE-5000 and process it. This technique of treating biomedical wastes ensures that all the bacteria, viruses, and spores are destroyed completely. The resultant plastic block is safe for disposal without any risk of contamination or the dangers of spreading diseases. 

Benefits of Using TE-5000 Medical Waste Disposal Equipment

This biomedical waste disposal equipment is efficient, economical, and very convenient for use in all setups. This state-of-the-art product works on a technology that has been reviewed by more than 75 different regulatory authorities and has achieved a 100% approval rating. This equipment can also help to reduce the carbon emissions that traditional methods of hauling waste to a central location entail by a considerable amount. 


Furthermore, having an on-premise solution can ensure that you are keeping up with technologies that are required by OSHA’s Exposure Control Plan. A major component of OSHA’s plan is the review processes section, which mandates you to prove that you are keeping abreast of new technologies necessary to keep your staff safe.


This handy, portable, on-premise medical waste disposal solution allows you to take care of your daily medical waste. With this latest innovation, there is no further need for storing large amounts of biohazards until scheduled pickup, which reduces contamination issues and potential needle stick injuries.

Companies That are the Best Fit for a TE-5000

Small quantity waste generators that are engaged in medical services can use TE-5000 effectively as they usually produce the ideal level of medical waste. Some ideal businesses for the TE-5000 include:

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