Medical Waste’s Impact on the Environment

OnSite Waste Technologies is committed to reducing the impact medical waste has on our environment. Following on from our two-part series on the environmental impact of medical waste (Part 1: High Carbon Footprint, Part 2: Reducing Footprint Through Sustainable Purchasing) ***, ****we have put together an in-depth look at the issue.

In our article on Medical Waste’s Impact On The Environment, we highlight points on why medical practices should care about the issue, regardless of personal convictions. There is growing consumer/patient sentiment towards “going green” and taking action on this can build goodwill and improve your practice's social responsibility reputation. 

Download - Medical Waste's Impact on the Environment.

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Also included are practical tips on how to calculate your practice’s carbon emissions and how to reduce emissions without additional cost or investment.

For the full article see below.

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*** Add same link as above on Download - Medical Waste's Impact on the Environment

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