Stop the Hassle: Save Money With Innovative Medical-Waste Solution

If you are responsible for the medical waste at a doctor's office, clinic, lab, or veterinary practice, you are likely quite familiar with all of the regulations imposed on the handling, storing, and disposal of medical waste.

There are a variety of issues that frustrate managers of medical waste when it comes to storage, specifically with: physical space, money wastage, and third-party pickup problems.


Space within a medical practice can be a scarce commodity.  

Storing unsterilized sharps and red-bag waste until a third-party hauler comes out can be a burden. Often, there is just not enough room to store the boxed medical waste or medical waste bins. This can cause cramping issues, exposing patients, clients, and staff to bloody, contaminated waste in what may otherwise be a clean, aesthetic environment.

Money Waste

There is also a lot of money wasted when staff place regular garbage in red bags and sharps containers. Third-party haulers typically charge by weight or by the number of medical waste garbage bins they pick up. Anything adding weight to this, from office paper to lunch waste, hurts your bottomline.  Additionally, the heavy costs involved with medical-waste hauling (trucks, drivers, fuel, treatment plants, etc.) are passed through to the generator, resulting in fluctuating and ever-growing price hikes.

Pickup Issues

Depending on the medical-waste hauler, trucks may not be available at a frequent enough cadence for your practice, especially for remote locations.  

This can lead to space issues and can end up costing more money as higher-frequency pickup services involve higher costs for the provider and, thus, a higher cost to you.

See our article What to Watch Out for With Your Pickups.  

Fortunately there are other options to avoid the headaches associated with storing your medical waste! 

Onsite Waste Technology allows medical waste to be immediately sterilized at your practice, saving on any third-party pickup costs and promoting a safe and clean environment.

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OnSite Waste Disposal Options