Our Technology


The TE-5000 is a desktop-sized device for medical waste processing.

It's a convenient, easy-to-use, compliant product that will convert your location's regulated medical waste into regular, solid waste that can be tossed right in the trash bin. The TE-5000’s technology has been reviewed by over 75 different regulatory authorities, with a 100% approval rating.

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  • Predictable, lower cost for waste disposal - no price hikes!

  • Transparent pricing - pay one flat monthly fee and buy containers as you need.

  • Eliminate all your out-of-office liability

  • Automatic updates keep the TE-5000 updated with any regulatory changes.

  • 100% worry-free - If it breaks we will swap it out.

  • Small footprint fits on almost any countertop.

  • Convert your medical waste to household trash in just a couple of hours.

  • Lower your environmental impact by eliminating truck pickups.



  • There are just 3 buttons, so learning to use the unit is almost too easy!

  • Forget about that logbook. The machine tracks your usage in an easy-to-use online portal.

  • Download or share compliance reporting when you need it.

  • Auto-replenish sends you new canisters automatically. Never worry about reordering supplies again!

  • Process as many as 3-4 gallons of waste a day, at your convenience.

  • No more dedicated waste storage space! Just process and toss your medical waste as you need to!




  • No need to store biohazardous waste until the next pickupLower or eliminate used needle theft.

  • Built-in safety controls keeps the TE-5000 safe to use.

  • State-of-the-art filtration protects you and your staff.

  • TE-5000 is compliant in all 50 states to protect you and your business.

Our Training Platform


Regulated Medical Waste Compliance Training with OnSite Waste Technologies

Training your staff is a vital component to maintaining a safe and compliant work-place environment. It is important that everyone handling or exposed to medical waste understands the risks, safeguards, and protocols specific to your healthcare organization. Onsite Waste will help your organization meet federal, state and local level training requirements.


Why Training

  • Maximize Productivity with a flexible and convenient training platform: no more coordinating training meetings, travel, make-up days, etc.

  • Equip and Empower your staff to optimize the work-day.


What is Required

  • Training requirements are set at the federal, state, and in some cases, local level.

  • OSHA: regulated work-place safety pertaining to the handling and exposure of Regulated Medical Waste.

  • HIPAA: an act with HHS oversight, related to protecting private health information of patients.

  • Proof of Training records with time-stamped completion rosters.

  • Up-to-date compliance content, suitable for your organization’s specific operating location.


Get Trained Now


  • Great News! OnSite Waste Technologies offers solutions to fulfill your compliance training needs! Get trained now with a package that fits your company's needs. Speak to one of our training specialists today.