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Customized solutions for every industry, waste type, and practice

Most medical waste disposal services only offer traditional solutions like  hauling. OnSite focuses on technology-driven medical waste solutions that improve the lives and practices of healthcare providers. From a desktop sterilization system to more flexible pickup services, OnSite simplifies waste workflows and drives down costs for clients. 

Mail-Back Program


Save time and simplify your  medical waste workflow with a mail-back program

Our simplest offering with the most flexibility. Automatically receive sharps containers in the mail along with return labels and compliant shipping boxes. Simply send back your containers when they are full.

Desktop Sterilization

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Take control of your medical waste program with desktop sterilization technology

The TE-5000 is a desktop device engineered to treat sharps waste in-practice. With a focus on simplicity, practices can treat their own medical waste with the push of a button. Fully compliant and more cost-effective.

Pickup Services


Choose a pickup service option that best fits your unique needs

Putting you in control of how your medical waste is managed. With options to fit any practice and industry-leading service, OnSite offers transparent pricing models and flexible service agreements.


OnSite was founded by a group of leaders in the regulated medical waste industry with the simple mission of improving the lives and practices of healthcare providers. We design medical waste solutions on the mantra of innovation, simplicity, and transparency. From our desktop sterilization technology to our cost-conscious pickup services, everything is designed with healthcare providers at the center.

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We keep it simple, transparent, and flexible. 


Case Study

A 7-location health center in Virginia was managing its medical waste at the local level. Each location had it's own contract with Stericycle or another hauling service. OnSite implemented a customized solution for each location which included its desktop sterilization technology as well as waste segregation training and volume reduction practices. 

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“Our facilities have been able to reduce the frequency and volume of their biowaste pickups by over 75%. The decision to move to OnSite has served our team well and I encourage any of my healthcare peers to explore making the transition to their services."

George Holler
National Director of Plant Operations