Improve your bottom line with better medical waste solutions

From a revolutionary desktop device to transactional pickups and mail-back programs that fit your schedule, our solutions are designed to empower medical practices to thrive.

The TE-5000 

A smart, desktop-sized device designed to treat medical waste

It's the future of medical waste processing and it's happening right in practices across the country. The system converts both sharps and red bag waste to non-biohazardous, non-infectious solid waste that can be disposed of as regular trash.

This smart system monitors itself as waste is processed and automatically sends all required documentation to our cloud-based system. So, compliance documentation is never out of reach.


Not only is the TE-5000 easy to use, it meets or exceeds all EPA, CDC, state and local guidelines.

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Pick-Up Services 

Transactional pickups on your own schedule

We don't believe practices should have to pay for services they don't use which is why our medical waste hauling services are transactional, not contractual. Enjoy flexible pickup services based on transaction costs to optimize usage and what you spend.

No hidden fees. No annual increases. No overage charges. Only pay for what you use and change frequencies without penalties. 


Mail-Back Program 

Dispose of all your regulated medical waste through the mail

Our easy to use mail-back program puts you in charge of your medical waste. Automatically receive boxes of sharps containers in the mail and simply mail them back to us once they are filled. It's that simple. 

Say goodbye to hauling schedules and medical waste storage with a simplified mail-back program.

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WasteTech IQ 

Reducing medical waste with data-driven analytics

Less waste means less expenses and with our industry-first suite of data analytics, you can finally gain insights into your waste volume trends. 

Reduce your output with actionable guidance, compare industry volume standards, and receive automated savings opportunity alerts. 


Compliance Training


Regulated Medical Waste Compliance Training with OnSite Waste Technologies

Training your staff is a vital component to maintaining a safe and compliant work-place environment. It is important that everyone handling or exposed to medical waste understands the risks, safeguards, and protocols specific to your healthcare organization. Onsite Waste will help your organization meet federal, state and local level training requirements.


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