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The TE-5000 is a desktop-sized device for medical waste processing. It's a convenient, easy-te-5000 2 (1)to-use, compliant product that will convert your location's regulated medical waste into regular, solid waste that can be tossed right in the trash bin. 

The TE-5000’s technology has been reviewed by over 75 different regulatory authorities, with a 100% approval rating.

Lower cost, more convenient
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No need to store hazardous waste until the next pickup


  • Predictable, lower cost for waste disposal - no price hikes!
  • Transparent pricing - pay one flat monthly fee and buy containers as you need
  • Eliminate all your out-of-office liability
  • Automatic updates keep the TE-5000 updated with any regulatory changes
  • 100% worry free - If it breaks we will swap it out
  • Small footprint fits on almost any counter top
  • Convert your medical waste to household trash in just a couple hours
  • Lower your environmental impact by eliminating truck pickups

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  • There's just 3 buttons, so learning to use the unit is almost too easy!
  • Forget about that log book. The machine tracks your usage in an easy-to-use online portal.
  • Download or share compliance reporting when you need it
  • Auto-replenish sends you new canisters automatically. Never worry about reordering supplies again!
  • Process as many as 3-4 gallons of waste a day, at your convenience
  • No more dedicated waste storage space! Just process and toss your medical waste as you need to!


  • No need to store bio hazardous waste until the next pickup
  • Lower or eliminate used needle theft
  • Built in safety controls keeps the TE-5000 safe to use.
  • State-of-the art filtration protects you and your staff
  • TE-5000 is compliant in all 50 states to protect you and your business


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